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Lelo HEX Original Condoms, 3 CT

3 CT, 0.04 lbs. Item # 341718

Pleasure & Safety through Innovation – improves grip and reduces slippage Strength & Thinness Combined – the hexagonal web provides the strength to contain a condom break to an individual hexagonal cell Enhanced Safety - The HEX web decreases the chance of tears and contains them on the off chance that they do occur Guaranteed pleasure - HEX brings together the strength of a thick condom and pleasure of a thin one Revolutionary hexagonal structure - The shaft of the HEX condom is composed of 350 small hexagons that have thick walls and ultra-thin panels PRWeek Global Award, iF Design Award - Product Design, A'Design Award - Design Quality and Innovation

Andrew R 30-08-2023 18:59

Five Stars!
Will never buy from another company again. Lelo has definitely changed the game.

Karina Poe 30-08-2023 18:57

Me and my partner we both love these condoms. They are very comfortable, feel nice on both sides, well lubricated, resistant and they never seem to slip.

5 stars based on 2 reviews