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Moderately focused stimulation
with the utmost comfort
Specially balanced for greater
Recommended for new users for
solo and partner play Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulators remain the only
patented devices of their kind. Their proven hands
free self-pivoting design simultaneously massages
the Male G-Spot and the perineum creating intense
orgasms. Aneros products are a wonderful addition
to your sex life, with your lover or out on your own.
The Peridise® Unisex Anal Toy’s thoughtful, patented design is
unlike any other anal toy because it utilizes the body’s natural
peristaltic response to enhance sensations. The Peridise will help
you have the strongest orgasms of your life.
1. Wash your massager with warm soapy water before and after every use.
2. Apply adequate lubricant to the massager and lie on your side.
1. Keeping the lower leg straight, bring your top knee to your stomach.
2. Slowly insert the massager, positioning the perineum tab against the
area between the anus and the scrotum (perineum).
3. Relax - mentally and physically, allowing your body to become
accustomed to the massager. Breathe deeply, releasing tension and
focusing on the new sensations.
4. Contract and relax the sphincter muscle as slowly as possible. Your
massager will automatically massage the Male G-Spot. As the sensations
build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the
1. For best results, use only the muscular contractions of the sphincter to
move your massager back and forth; do not apply manual pressure.
2. Visit our online forum at: for more tips and
helpful information from the entire Aneros community.
1. Cleanse (optional): For a more comfortable session, we recommend
clearing your bowels before use. You may also bathe and/or use a
warm water rinse.
2. Relax: Relaxation is the key to healthy, pleasurable anal play.
3. Exercise: Practice kegels to prime the anorectal muscles.
4. Lubricate: The sensitive tissues in the anal canal need sufficient
lubrication to keep friction low and pleasure high. You can lubricate
internally using Marksman pre-filled applicators, your finger, the
Peridise, or a rectal syringe.
1. Gently insert only the head of the Peridise into the anal canal, then
contract your sphincter muscles several times to pull the Peridise in.
Do not force insertion. Be kind to your behind.
2. After your body is accustomed to the presence of the Peridise, begin
contraction and relaxation exercises, experimenting with different
strengths and durations.
1. By learning to control the position of the Peridise within the anal canal
through sphincter contractions and rectal pressure, the peristaltic waves
will become stronger and come in more rapid succession.
2. The anal canal is a treasure trove of nerve endings. The curves and balls of
the Peridise placed in different positions and depths within the anal canal
will surprise and delight you with very distinct and unique sensation.