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The first ever adjustable Aneros prostate massager! The arm and tab adjustments allow users to fine-tune external stimulation, setting comfort, insertion depth and perineum and K-spot pressure.


The Aneros Psy takes its name from psyche, the ancient Greek word for butterfly, one of nature’s wonders that's long symbolised freedom, transformation, beauty, and love. With a unique look reminiscent of the shape of a butterfly chrysalis, the Aneros Psy follows the legacy of much of our early product development which was originally inspired by nature. The Aneros Psy features a silicone-coated, multi-contoured head, body, and stem for more robust anal and prostate stimulation, and adjustable arms and tabs for creating your own custom fit. Arm and tab adjustments allow users to fine-tune external stimulation and comfort and set depth of insertion and perineum and K-spot pressure. Like all Aneros massagers the Aneros Psy is anatomically designed to work in harmony with your body. Excellent for intermediate and advanced users who are seeking stronger or more subtle external stimulation, the Aneros Psy offers a unique sensory experience that’s in a class by itself. Whether it’s pleasure amplification, stronger ejaculations or more powerful Super Orgasms.. Shortly after Aneros was founded it became clear that a one-size-fits all approach to prostate massagers was not to be. User feedback revealed that like most other things people had personal preferences when it came to prostate pleasure. For the last two decades Aneros has released an expanding variety of products appealing to an expanding set of user preferences. But in all of this, there have been some users who’ve still longed for the ability to customise our massagers to their own bodies. The fact is, while biological males have the same body parts, specifications (size and location) can vary slightly from one person to the next. Specifications like the location of the perineal acupressure point (Sweet spot) and the distance between that spot and the anal opening. The precise location of the prostate inside the body is another. Some users have long believed their prostates are nearer to the anal canal while others believe it to be farther away. Some users prefer more perineal pressure, while others prefer less. Although these are subtle factors to consider, for some people they can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a truly transformative one. The Aneros Psy has been specifically designed for users who want or need a custom fitted Aneros massager. At the same time, it can be enjoyed by intermediate and experienced users who want to explore new sensations with a device that is changeable, so it performs in different ways.. The Aneros Psy has been designed to provide users with an opportunity to develop a custom fit that they will want to stay with. It is not intended for infinite adjustment. Be aware that large scale adjustments or repeated repositioning will deform the arms and tabs over time and may degrade product performance. The Aneros Psy is not suitable for grinding. Using the Aneros Psy in a seated position will put undue pressure on the arms and tabs and result in deformation.