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The cute, mini vibrating wand massager can be easily carried around in your pants pocket. It’s so small and discreet that nobody will ever suspect that you’re carrying a clit and nipple stimulator. Sometimes, a little thing is more powerful than you’d think. Don’t be fooled by the size and appearance of this pocket wand massager. It may look tiny, but it has 9 rumbling vibration intensities that deliver orgasmic pleasure by stimulating your clit and nipples. Its discreet design and size make it the perfect travel companion. With it, you’ll have fun on the go without worrying about packing an obvious dildo or massager. Take your new Pokéwan outdoors for a new kind of pleasure! You can use Pokéwan to tease and explore all your most sensitive spots, it’s made from body-safe silicone to guarantee your health and safety while experiencing pleasure. The neck of the mini vibrating wand massager is flexible, letting it reach every inch of your skin. The wand is also waterproof, letting you have erotic fun in the shower, bathtub, pool, hot tub, and even at the beach! One Year Warranty.