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• Crafted for Ultimate Pleasure: The bendy Devil Tail butt plug features a supple red silicone plug that is perfectly tapered for comfortable insertion and easy wear. Its arrowhead tip, reminiscent of the most mischievous demons, will tease and tantalize your senses with every movement.

• Secure Fit for Confident Wear: The narrow neck ensures a secure fit, allowing you to confidently walk around the house and entice your human subject into a realm of nefarious activities.

• Exquisite Stimulation with Every Step: The meaty tail itself is plush and flexible, with just the right amount of weight to pull down against your derriere, providing exquisite stimulation with every step.

• Heighten Pleasure with Partner Interaction: Let your human plaything pull on the tail during moments of intense passion, heightening the pleasure and taking your backdoor adventures to new and exhilarating heights.