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Durex Latex Condoms with Performax Intense 3 pack. Performax designed to speed her up and to slow him down. Performax contains a special lube called Benzocaine inside the condom which helps the man to control climax and prolong excitement, which means longer lasting sex. Designed to help partners enjoy a more intense experience through mutual climax. Made for both men and women. For her, ribs and dots for added stimulation. For him, a specially designed lubricant to delay his climax, helping him last longer. Male genital desensitizer. Durex condoms are the number one brand in the world. Durex only uses the best natural rubber to make their condoms. A quality product starts with quality raw materials. By using the best rather than the cheapest materials is what makes a quality product. The latex material that Durex purchases is batch tested and certified at the plantation site. Once the latex arrives at their factory it is tested again. When the latex meets their standard it is then used to make Durex condoms. With over 75 years experience of manufacturing condoms. So it is safe to say that every single one is the product of a process that is tried and tested.