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Leave a lasting impression on your sub and remind them what they are!
Next time you give your sub a hard spanking, let them know exactly what you think of them. Actions speak louder than words but in this case, both send a pretty clear message! Each of these paddles contains a sexy word that is reversed on the paddle to leave a clear imprint on their hot, horny skin. Made of stitched PU leather with a firm but flexible core, this remarkable spanking paddle is sure to put them in their place and mark them as yours.
"Tell me what you are," I say to her. she doesn't even hesitate, not even for a moment, to say, "i'm a whore, Sir." That's when I bring the paddle down on her. Hard. she cries out, but it's exactly what I expected. Pain and pleasure wrapped up in the husky lilt that is her voice. But that was only the flat side, like any other stroke of a paddle. she knows it because she's had it before and, as I reach between her thighs, I know it only makes her wetter. I lean over her body, bent for me, and whisper in her ear, "you're a whore, and I'm going to make sure everyone who sees this ass knows it." I draw back My arm and slam the paddle down on her ass again. The other side. It takes a moment, but when the initial shock on her flesh wears away, all that's left is a bright imprint: WHORE.
Imprint Spanking Paddle Specifications:
Measurements: 12.5 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width
Material: PU leather, plastic
Leave a special impression on your partner's skin
Made of stitched PU leather, with a firm and flexible core