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Joe Snyder Holes G-String Black O/S. Bulk hanging. Poly bag. For men who prefer a little less coverage, the Joe Snyder G-String Holes is the underwear that is perfect for you. The cupping action of the front pouch offers unique support and cradling. Men's G-Strings are also incredibly comfortable to wear, look smooth under your clothing allowing you to wear tight fitting trousers or jeans without any uncomfortable or unsightly excess fabric showing. They allow air to circulate more freely helping to prevent that sweaty feeling that so often comes with wearing other types of underwear. These sexy Joe Snyder Men's G-Strings Holes come in a fantastic range of colors so you can choose a style that suits your personality. The fabric is 80% Nylon together with 20% Spandex, giving you the ideal amount of stretch and supportive fit. Whether it is for everyday wear or for that special evening, you can now experience the g-string of your dreams and can stop borrowing your girlfriend's! Take a measurement tape and your posture should be nice and straight, without holding in or sticking out your stomach, Locate the bones on the right and left side of the abdomen. For Male Basics Underwear measure approximately 5 Inches under the belly button. Now locate the range between any of the values on the table and that would be your size. One size fits men with 30 inches to 36 inches waist