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The Vice Mini Version 2 (or V2) has a slight modification from the original design. We have lowered the urination hole to allow for easier bathroom usage, as well as added a small drain hole at the bottom of the cage head for any urine that happens to get caught inside of the cage for a cleaner and more hygienic experience. This small chastity cage uses all of the same components of The Vice™ standard. You will get to take advantage of the same revolutionary anti-pullout technology, in a smaller package; meaning your locked sissy isn’t going anywhere! A common problem with a sissy chastity cage is having the member “turtle” into the body making an easy escape. The Vice™ Mini, with the right anti-pullout, will prevent your locked sissy clitty from going anywhere! The Vice™ Mini also includes a handful of different sizes with every device, therefore giving you personalized customization for maximum comfort and security. It’s time to enjoy a sissy chastity cage that offers the true inescapable chastity experience! ALL PARTS OF THE VICE™ ARE COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER VICE’S (i.e. Standard/Plus). Each order includes: Mini Cage (1) Rings (4) Anti-Pullout (3) Anti-Pullout Cap (1) Spacers (4) Locking Pins (4) Brass Pad Lock (1) Velvet Carrying Case (1). Product Dimensions: Cage: Length – 40 mm (1.5 inches) Width – 36 mm (1.4 inches) Rings: Small - 40 mm Medium - 44 mm Large - 46.5 mm X-Large - 48.5 mm Anti-Pullout Gap: Small - 17 mm Medium - 19 mm Large - 21 mm Pullout Cap Wear the device without any anti-pullout Locking Pin/Spacers (distance of ring from cage): Small - 6.5 mm Medium - 10 mm Large - 13 mm X-Large - 15 mm Materials: Body safe Polycarbonate. One year warranty.