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✔LOTS OF FUN & ENTERTAINMENT: Bring cheers, add joy and take your party to a whole new level with these drinking game cards that are specifically designed with a number of hilarious, unique and challenging dares to help provide lots of fun, laughter and entertainment to your party!
✔HOW TO PLAY: Compete with friends, the perfect drinking games for students or experienced party animals... Complete the dare to give out the stated number of drinks to a player of your choice OR Choose not to do the dare and you must have the stated number of drinks!
✔BENEFITS IN FULL: This one of the greatest drinking card game is perfect to spice up or kick off any party, whether it be a birthday party, office party, game night, bachelor party, a girl's night, or any other party. Lets Get Legless is the perfect present for anyone...
✔SUPERIOR QUALITY: In order to make our adult drinking games as safe, smooth, exquisite, and as sturdy as possible we use only the finest quality card stock that is durable enough to endure the wear and tear from your guests without worrying about tearing apart losing its aesthetic appeal!