Strap U Lace Envy Crotchless Panty Harness Black L/XL from XR Brands. This Lace Harness is crafted for functionality and comfort! The crotchless design keeps you ready for action when the mood to switch positions arises, allowing you and your lover to play with absolute freedom. The lingerie styling and universal O-ring let you get your strap on in style and comfort! This Solid Black Lace Envy is fit for Large to Extra Large sizes waist 28 inches to 34 inches, the wide Elastic strap better secures your Dildo in comfort! The wide surface area spreads the weight of your thrusts and dong evenly across the waist, preventing discomfort and soreness. Wear for extended sessions without worry of the Harness slipping or irritating your skin! The built in Universal O-ring has an inner diameter of 1.5 inches, capable of fitting a variety of dildo sizes so you can change your weapon of choice depending on the mood of your and your partner. Made with machine washable material for easy cleaning before or after use.